Success Stories

Namibian Members with Barnabas holding the Division Trophy

District Champions for Evaluations 2015

In May 2015, Division D member Verity Price brought home the trophy for Best Evaluator in Southern Africa. For the last two years, her fellow club member Lorne Sulcas, a longtime Toastmaster, took 3rd place in the contest. Evaluating at Toastmasters teaches members as an invaluable skill when giving feedback that is constructive, clear and productive.

"Toastmasters has given me far more than just a way to improve my speaking. The atmosphere is so warm and encouraging that I find myself taking on challenges that I might have avoided. I thought I was signing up for a Public Speaking program, so the Leadership side of Toastmasters has been a brilliant surprise. By being on the committee (something I was hesitant to do) I have learned leadership skills that I can apply back into the rest of my business.  I wish I had found Toastmasters years ago!(Verity Price)

Namibian Members SHINE at Division Finals in 2016

Dues to financial and time constraints, our Namibian members have been unable to compete at a Division Speech Contest in over 12 year. But that all changed in April 2016! With a Division wide drive to raise funds, and by changing the contest to a Saturday, we were able to bring 7 members down to the Division Contest and were even graced with the Namibian Consul General on the day. To make it even more historic, Seagulls Toastmasters members Barnabas Mukumbo and Michael Chikwilila took home the trophy for Best Prepared Speech and Second Place for Evaluations! Barnabas went on to represent the Division at the Southern African Finals in May and become the first Namibian Toastmaster to have progressed so far in a speech contest!

              Aletta Rochat (Centre), Paul Jensen (to her right)

Division D Members Lead Southern Africa

Since 2013, Division D members have headed up the leadership of Toastmasters Southern Africa (9 Countries). Being the District Director is no small task and requires exceptional leadership and strategic planning skills. Thanks to the learning and growth that Toastmasters provides, three members of Division D have shone as the District74 Leaders recently. Fran Fraser (2013-2014), Aletta Rochat (2014-2015) and now Paul Jensen (2015-2016).  Fran and Aletta led District74 to Distinguished and Select Distinguished status and made history when we were distinguished for 5 years in a row in 2015. We have no doubt that Paul will continue their legacy and prove once again that leaders aren't born, they are made, and Toastmasters is in the business of doing


Division D Member Goes to World Champs!

In 2012, Two Oceans Toastmasters and Division D member Kay Price-Lindsay blew everyone away with her 6th ever speech. With the help of mentors and a flair for story telling, Kay's winning speech took her all the way to the semi finals in Orlando where she placed 2nd to Ryan Avery who went on to be crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking.

"The Toastmasters program is not only creatively constructed but simple to learn. I tried to follow the instructions for each speech to a T and as a result I was excited to witness my growth and confidence as well as that of my fellow Toastmasters. One speech at a time, everyone seems to flourish. Also, there is a lot more than becoming a good speaker at Toastmasters. The Leadership track both personally empowering and highly valuable back in the workplace. It's like a mini business leadership course but with lots of practical experience, very little stress and lots of fun. In a nutshell, I have found the journey at Toastmasters to be an enlightening, fulfilling and empowering one. To be highly recommended."  (Kay Price-Lindsay)

Jeremy Fenn finds his funny bone

In 2013, Toastmaster Jeremy Fenn decided to face his nerves and enter the Humourous Speaking Contest with a brilliant crafted speech all about beards. What made his winning the Division Contest remarkable, is that it was only his 3rd speech at Toastmasters. With the help of fellow members Jeremy found that he is an incredibly entertaining speaker with a talent for finding the funny in the mundane.

Here's a video from his Division D final in 2014 where he placed 3rd on the night, but not before entertaining everyone with another brilliant speech. Like life - Toastmasters isn't always about winning - it's about showing up...