#MyWhy #ProudToastmaster Video COMPETITION

Contest duration: 10 December 2018 – 11 January 2019

Announcement of Winner(s): Saturday, 2 February 2019 (at the Division D - Cape Town Club Officer Training (COTii) 


  1. Prepare and post a 30 second video on the theme: #MyWhy (Why you joined (and stay) in and love #ToastmastersCT & why you are a #ProudToastmaster) to
    the Cape Town Toastmasters Facebook page with the hashtag #MyWhy #ProudToastmaster #ToastmastersInCapeTown
    1. Link to the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ToastmastersCapeTown/
    2. The video link can then also be shared on your local club Facebook page, to the Toastmasters in Southern Africa Facebook page (link: https://web.facebook.com/toastmasters74/?ref=br_rs), to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. (go wild…).
  2. The video with the most likes and shares will stand a chance to win R1 000.
  3. On 11 January 2019, the 10 top most liked and shared videos will then be judged by a panel of judges, to determine the final winners.
    1. Judging criteria will be based on effectiveness, message, delivery (see guidelines in link below).
  4. The Winner will be announced on Saturday, 2 February 2019, at the Cape Town Club Officers Training (hosted by Division D).
  5. Any paid Toastmaster (in District 74) member is eligible to participate. Winner will be from Division D.

Toastmasters in Cape Town - #MyWhy #ProudToastmaster Video Competition:

The most impressive videos, with a clear message of #MyWhy / #ProudToastmaster / #JoinToastmasters will stand the chance of winning up to R1 000 in prize money.

Guidelines to what makes a great video: 

For those that want to stand the best chance of creating a winning video, it is important to remember the basics of a speech and adapt those to your video clip.

1.       Know your Audience & your time constraints:

a.       Time constraints:

                                                               i.      Use your time wisely. You have 30 seconds. Your message should be clear and concise.

                                                             ii.      Assign a timekeeper or a timing device to indicate the remaining time

b.       Know your audience:

                                                               i.      Your message should be adjusted to suit the masses, but it can also be specific and focused if you desire

c.       Select the proper environment. At your desk, in a room using a lectern or standing in the garden, etc. Avoid the middle of a noisy crowd as your message can get lost. Ensure that the background is clear and not cluttered / noisy.

2.       Organise your talk / speech

a.       Logical development. Ensure that it is well organised.

b.       Be prepared. Identify your objective. You have one message you want to leave with your audience with. Incorporate this objective into your opening and organise your talk around it. Keep it positive.

c.       Conclude with a positive statement, wrap up with a strong closing statement that will re-iterate your position or your message

3.       Get to the point:

a.       What is your core message?

b.       Be safe by making only ONE point in your video

c.       you should be able to condense the point into a single sentence / slogan – e.g.  This is #MyWhy / #JoinToastmasters

                                                               i.      For example: #JoinToastmasters it will change your life.

d.       Keep your message clear with a logical flow. Sentences should be short and to the point, to not overwhelm your audience with too much information. Tell them only what they need to know to do what you want them to do – i.e. #JoinToastmasters

4.       How to say it:

a.       Short simple words

b.       Remember the power of your story

c.       Humour:

                                                               i.      Use humour carefully. Not everyone has the same taste in humour and you do not want to offend anyone. You want to maintain a positive image and your credibility.

5.       Body Language – Appearance, Eye Contact, Body Movement & Gestures

a.       Your appearance

                                                               i.      Video is a visual medium. Your facial expressions, posture, gestures, eye contact, clothing, and make up are emphasised and exaggerated by the camera.

                                                             ii.      Your appearance in visual media affects your credibility and your image, so it is important that you look your best.

                                                           iii.      Check what colour your background is, and wear something that contrasts with the background (you want to stand out and not blend into the background)

                                                           iv.      Dress appropriately & limit colours and clinking jewellery

                                                             v.      If you wear eyeglasses, don’t wear them on Camera and this mystery - because they reflect light

b.       Eye contact:

                                                               i.      Where to look? Establish and maintain eye contact with the camera.

                                                             ii.      Look directly at and address the camera only.

                                                           iii.      Be careful not to let your eyes wonder or you will appear nervous or lost

c.       Gestures or body movement

                                                               i.      You want to appear confident and poised not nervous and tense.

Your gestures, body movements and facial expressions will indicate your confidence or nervousness. Practice your movements and expressions so that you appear at your best.

                                                             ii.      Be in a relaxed position with your shoulders back, keep your feet on the ground. When speaking lean slightly forward.

                                                           iii.      Stand comfortably with your shoulder straight and your weight distributed evenly, so that they are evenly spread on both feet. Do not shift from foot to foot, sway or lean on anything. If you must walk take slow small steps so the camera can follow you. (this really should be avoided in a 30 second slot unless the step emphasises your message).

                                                           iv.      Avoid making quick sweeping gestures. Use slower gestures and keep close to your body. Avoid making quick sweeping gestures. Use slower gestures and keep close to your body.

                                                             v.      Don’t make any gestures that cover or move across your face.

                                                           vi.      Make sure your gestures are appropriate and natural. Be especially careful of any nervous habits you have, such as tapping your fingers touching your tie, playing with your hair, etc. Be aware of your facial expressions.

                                                         vii.      Relax your facial muscles and smile whenever appropriate. A smile makes you appear relaxed and trendy.

d.       Make sure you never walk out of the picture

6.       Vocal variety / voice

a.       Speak in “sound-bites” that are short effective

b.       Remember to breathe and limit crutch words. Be calm.

c.       For video, use vocal variety moderately. Speak as if you’re talking only to one person.

7.       Research your topic

a.       If you mention any facts or figures, get the facts right and give accurate information, for with there is evidence to back it up.

b.       Information must be contributing to the point you are wanting to bring across.

8.       Visual aids

a.       Distractions - make sure there are limited distractions around you.

b.       We would strongly suggest that for a 30 second video clip that visual aids not be used as they will distract and not enhance the message. Be very selective of using a visual aid. Visual aids can add emphasis to message just be sure that any visual aid relates to your subject and will be seen and understood by your audience.

9.       Persuade with Power!

a.       Speak with firm conviction.

b.       Clearly present reasons to support your viewpoint.

10.   Inspire your audience

a.       Inspire them to do what?

b.       Ultimately the objective is to inspire your audience to join Toastmasters #JoinToastmasters

Added advantages of Video:

1.       As with any speech, it is essential to plan / prepare, practice and then deliver with confidence. With video, there is the added advantage that you can re-do the video several times before uploading it!

2.       After recording your presentation play back the recording and determine how effective your talk is. You can re-take it over again until it is ready to upload.

3.       You can use script for your presentation. You should be able to give most of your talk from memory, but if necessary use the script to help you recall the exact wording. (re-take if not authentic and flowing).

Be yourself - be conversational if you choose. Be relaxed. Stay calm and be poised. Be enthusiastic. Most importantly be authentic, speak with conviction and remember that you are in control.

Relax, stay calm, be creative and have FUN. Enjoy yourself!

Good luck in standing a chance to win up to R1 000!!! 

Don’t know how to upload a video – herewith a "dummies how to guide"::


Remember that the video must be uploaded to the Toastmasters in Cape Town Facebook Page.
Herewith the link once again: https://www.facebook.com/ToastmastersCapeTown/